Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't eat until Friday!

One thing we always look forward to at the Mothers' Market is the food. Bree is back with her fantastic Mondo Mama's Kitchen cooking up a storm.

Friday night is Frajita Night, come and try her home-made flour tortillas with free-range chicken & sweet potato mole or slow baked beans with corn & black bean salsa.

If a relaxed Saturday vibe is what you are after, then the Mondo Mama's Lazy Saturday Brunch should fit the bill. Hunter's sausage roll in shortcrust pastry with home-made seeded cider mustard, taleggio & tomato tarts, sourdough baguettes with either slow baked beans & free-range egg salad or free-range chicken with cucumber & tomato salsa & provolone.

As if that's not enough, sweet treats to eat in (boysenberry & raspberry shortcake or dark chocolate & salted peanut slice anyone?) and Christmas goodies to take home (fruit mince pies, rum soaked little christmas cakes, pan forte) will certainly finish you off.

We're not eating between now and Friday to ensure that we can try it all!

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